“She Will” J.Valle Guitar Version(@JValle_)

Here's a dope as mix from Cali's own J.Valle.... dude is an extremely talented hip-hop guitarist.... I advise you guys to check his work out ASAP... make sure you follow him on Twitter ---->>> @JValle_ Click here to listen/download: J.Valle - She Will(Guitar Mix)

[New Mixtapes] Gifted Underachievers(@TheGUCrew)

Here's a mix from Greensboro, NC native Gifted Underachievers entitled "Rough Draft". Cool mix that niggas can party, kick it or smoke to..... definitely something you guys should check it..Follow the gang on twitter---->> @MyLoTheMack -->> @TheJanster--->> @Sky_Oneal...and I'll just say this..... Malibu & Coke Click here to download/listen: Gifted Achievement - Rough Draft