[Music] G.Jacobs – L.I.H.Y.G.I — @thegeraldjacobs

Gerald Jacobs follows up his impressive first mixtape ‘The Loudest Quiet’, with brilliant new single ‘Live It How You Get It’ [LIHYGI]. Using his classic sampling within his production, stamping his identity all over the beat, Gerald Jacobs flows naturally and effortlessly over the self produced beat, showing why he was named one of Paper … Continue reading [Music] G.Jacobs – L.I.H.Y.G.I — @thegeraldjacobs

[Music] NephLon Don x YRS Jerzy – This Lyfe — @NephlonDon @IAMYRSJERZY

NephLon Don recently made his way out to Los Angeles where he has been making quite a name for himself doing multiple performances and making more and more hits. Connecting with YRS Jerzy for another release that is soon to take over the internet. NephLon Don is currently working on a mixtape for his fans … Continue reading [Music] NephLon Don x YRS Jerzy – This Lyfe — @NephlonDon @IAMYRSJERZY