[Music] Jordan Sefton – God, JS (ii) — @ah25eightent

North London rapper Jordan Sefton is back with "God, JS (ii)" (out Oct. 30 via Damm Records). It's the follow-up to "God, JS (i)", and the sequel could be set to eclipse its predecessor. The first part of the series, released earlier this month, saw Sefton rap effortlessly over a smoky jazz beat. This time … Continue reading [Music] Jordan Sefton – God, JS (ii) — @ah25eightent

[Video] Black Like Me – R.E.A.L Tha Poet — @realthapoet @jideas11

R.E.A.L tha Poet is an MC based out of Lexington, KY. He uses vivid imagery to paint a graphic picture of everyday life. R.E.A.L tha Poet's music covers the difficulty of standing out amongst his peers, balancing his aspirations with family life and the ills we are exposed to by the powers that be in America. Each … Continue reading [Video] Black Like Me – R.E.A.L Tha Poet — @realthapoet @jideas11

[EP] DocTheJedi – V.III(Prod. by DocTheJedi) — @doc_thejedi

Still a 23 year-old magician and father of three., Doc The Jedi’s new album “V.III” officially released on Oct 20, following the singles "Doctor" and "Back To The Basics", it is entirely self-produced and features a blend of Hip Hop and new wave R&B. His influences in creating the album came mostly from Andre 3000, … Continue reading [EP] DocTheJedi – V.III(Prod. by DocTheJedi) — @doc_thejedi