Dali Voodoo – Swing Low

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“Swing Low” portrays my search for liberation. The last two years have been extremely hard on my family and I. At times I found myself asking God “Why me? Why are you putting me through this? I don’t deserve this!” But really, who am I to tell God what I deserve? The recurrence of the jungle setting represents how I felt lost. I found myself wandering aimlessly trying to find meaning in my situation. Some turn to drugs, sex, or solitude to numb the harsh realities of life… Some even turn to religion to give them hope. I chose a different route to solving my problems. The women in red symbolize the forces internal and external that make you feel like giving up. Instead of me breaking, I persevered and became wiser and a much stronger person. In the closing scene the lady in white symbolizes a clearer vision, better understanding, and overcoming complications in life, while the baptism scene represented my liberation!


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