[Video] SeeJay 100 & Cadet ft. Ayo Beatz – Day 1’Z — @TheIntentMovie

 The Intent – A glossy thriller, packed with an incredible cast of UK actors and music artists makes its debut in selected UK cinemas and is available on digital download from iTunes on the 29th July 2016.


Taken from the soundtrack, the fifth music video is now released from Seejay 100 & Cadet ft. Ayo Beatz ‘Day 1’z’. It shows clips from the film and cameos from some of the cast such as NickySlimting and Shone Romulus. A grime banger that sets the tone for the film.


Set in the heart of London, the chilling tale of gang warfare, greed and drugs unfolds. Newfound infamy for the TIC crew affords the gang members the fast life, which catches the attention of all the wrong people and trust starts to become an issue, ultimately leading to their downfall. Infiltration, dishonour and ego are key to the plot but the key question is, what is “The Intent” of each player.


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