[Music] Seers – Where The Water Falls — @lifeofseers


Back with another review and today we have Greensboro, NC artist Seers! If you are familiar with the site, you’ve seen Seers featured on the site and I must say, since I last checked homie out, he’s gotten even better. “Ride Slow” is a perfect way to bring in the vibes, with production from GroveSide, Luke White and others, “Where The Water Falls” is such a well-rounded piece of work. I’m a huge fan of projects taking you up and down and this is the perfect roller coaster. I’ve been studying the Carolina music scene heavily for the last 2 years and I have to say, Greensboro,NC has alot of sleepers just chilling in the rough. I’m not exactly sure what it’s going to take for artist such as Seers to break the barrier and put Greensboro on the map, but something has to give because there are GEMS just chilling in Greensboro. I’m a true fan of Carolina music and I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar Greensboro is going to break that barrier really soon. SEERS, KEEP GOING BROTHER AND SHOUTOUT TO THE ENTIRE NOMAD STAFF! Check out the very dope, “Where The Water Falls” below and make sure you follow Seers on social media to keep up with his moves!


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