[Video] Komo Sarcani ft. Illa J — @KomoSarcani @Tomawacklabel


Komo Sarcani is a parisian Mc of congolese origin. He first got started doing Hip Hop in the 90s in his homeland Congo and immigrated to France in 2000.

Komo sarcani is a jack of all trades: as an MC and artistic director for the artists of his label Tomawack, he loves to be both on stage and behind the scenes. He is an underground artist and a hip hop activist. His writing is effective, sharp and head-on. He draws his lyrical inspiration from his experiences in Africa and Europe.


A real D-boy and adepter of American rap culture, Komo Sarcani has done several collaborations with US underground MCs and producers such as Black Milk, Phat kat, Guilty Simpson, Black Bethoven, Astronote, Illa J, Frank Nitty, Nametag Alexander and others. His main musical inspiration comes from Motown Soul but also electro and Boombap.

His second solo album “Amour Noir” (“Black Love”) is a turning point in his artistic career, developing a return to the roots. This album will be released at the beginning of 2017 on vinyl, CD and digital.

artwork HOMM


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