Artists To Watch For: Marlboro County, South Carolina

Home of the state-wide famous, Bulldogs, Marlboro County is home to a hip-hop culture that a lot of folks aren’t aware exists. Football seems to dominate anything that has something to do with Marlboro County even while the program seems to be in a digressing stage. In a city ridden by lack of financial support, the people of Marlboro County are forced to go on with their lives even though the city doesn’t have a hospital. Like, all cities throughout the world, Marlboro County has been stuck by the social media bug. When I look at kids throughout the city, I don’t see that sense of motivation like I once did when I was younger. There was a time I could look at an athlete in Marlboro County and know right off bat, “He’s an athlete”. Where’s the inspiration? Where’s the drive? The energy of the city is shifting in a more positive and motivated state which leads me to ask. Is it the Hip-Hop culture of Marlboro that’s really keeping the city alive, right now?

Deep in the darkness of Marlboro County lies a driving force led by cerebral and motivated artists.  The most beautiful thing about the hip-hop culture in Marlboro County is the diversity of the sounds and stories. Most of today’s Hip-Hop lacks a sense of originality  due to the fact everyone sounds the same therefore confusing the listeners as of where the sound really comes from.

We at PushTheArts have kept a close eye on the Hip-Hop culture of Marlboro County for the last 4 years and it’s amazing how much the city has grown. Although we are not Atlanta or New York, Marlboro County has an identity that is the responsibility of the ARTIST to push.

In efforts to bring back value, we at PushTheArts have complied a list of Artist to Watch for in the Marlboro County area! So head below, explore and share this article with all your homies from Marlboro County.

Twane Picaso

One of the pioneers of the Marlboro County Hip-Hop and “Peace Movement”, Twane Picaso continues to impress with his nostalgic style and witty wordplay. With recent releases like “Colors”, “Disrespectful” and “The Vibe Theory”, Picaso is set to release his highly anticipated project “The Canvas” on the 16th of December. Picaso has been hard at work, working along side LJG, Domo, Trilla and Rodd.D we can expect a pretty dynamic project from Marlboro’s own! Follow Twane Picaso on Twitter/IG/SnapChat @TwanePicaso

Frank Dinero


2016 has been a very exciting and progressive year from FirmRichness’s own Frank Dinero. Coming off the release of “Frank Sinatra” and “UpLife”, Frank looks to push through 2016 as he hints around at the release of upcoming project “PreGame”. With vivid lyrics and street tales, Frank gives quality street music a sense of refreshment. I absolutely LOVE what Frank is doing for the city, so make sure you follow Frank on Twitter(@_FrankDinero) and keep up with his moves!

Frank Dinero


Full of excitement, comes WeTheWorld’s own JE. If you are familiar with the Marlboro music scene, JE has made a tremendous evolution as an artist. Besides having one of the best adlibs I’ve ever heard, JE is a lot of fun to listen to. Coming off the second installment of his “FreeBars” series, JE looks to finish out the year strong with upcoming shows opening for Black Youngsta and Ralo. The city needs this type of energy from the upcoming generation amongst all the peace being pushed throughout the city. Follow JE on Twitter and keep up with his upcoming shows! @JEMisfit


Here we have another pioneer of the “Peace Movement”. Constructing intuitively vivid pictures with words from the depths of a nourished conscious, Marlboro County artist, Trilla provides evidence that he will be remembered for hist legendary poetic influence. Coming off the release of his debut project “Legendary”, Trilla looks to push peace throughout the city while also teaching the healing of spiritual energy. Just ANOTHER dynamic added to what is already a diverse Hip-Hop culture in Marlboro. Follow Trilla and keep up with what’s next! @843Trilla


PlayDirty(Formally known as BlockStarz)


THE CREATORS OF “SAUCE CAROLINA”. These are two of my favorite PEOPLE in the entire city. Not ARTIST but PEOPLE. That goes further than music. BeachBoy Rico and FlyAssTimmy have been putting in work for some years now and its amazing watching these 2 grow. Earlier today I was listening to some old BlockStars and it dawned on me, these dudes were so ahead of their time. I’ve never heard of “sauce” until PlayDirty mentioned it.(Back in 2010/11 maybe). With a name change and a feature on JE’s latest project “FreeBars II”, PlayDirty is plotting on their return to Marlboro’s music scene. BeachBoy Rico has had a very strong year with placements on JE, Frank Dinero and Blacc Zacc’s projects, Rico looks to end the year out with a bang. I’ve heard a few unreleased tracks and you guys are going to be impressed! So follow the #SauceCarolina pioneers and stay connect with their movement!


G-Rocc in my eyes holds the crown as the most underrated artist in Marlboro County. Rocc was the first person I ever seen sell their CD to their peers. I vividly remember G pulling out a stack of CDs thinking “what in the world is this dude doing”. Never in a million years did I think G-Rocc was a rapper but every since 6th grade, I knew G-Rocc was one of the illest spitters in the city. G-Rocc was showing kids how to hustle and I didn’t even realize it. Besides being a great artist, my man G-Rocc is an even better person. I haven’t had the chance to work with him yet but I have a feeling once we do get a chance to work its going to be one of the best lyrical onslaught the city’s ever heard! Get familiar with G-Rocc because the brother is in the shadows waiting!

DJ Magnum

DJ Magnum is one of the hardest working artist in Marlboro County. With mixtapes dropping what seems like every 2 weeks, Magnum continues to push the culture forward while representing Coalition DJs out in the ATL area. Marlboro County is in need of a group of DJs willing to push the culture and take Marlboro County beyond these country lines and I believe DJ Magnum is just the beginning of what could be a dominating force which is Marlboro.


Last but surely not less, one of my favorite artist in the city, FGM’s Veto got alot of bangers you guys haven’t even heard yet. I remember sitting in the room with Veto and he was on his laptop just play a shit ton of unreleased music and MAAAAN! Veto got a few PROJECTS worth of bangers the streets haven’t even gotten a chance to hear. I’m very excited to see what the future hold for Veto as he gears up to release his upcoming project “Paraphernalia” dropping December 26th! In his return, Veto gave us “Trap Talk” which should make my case on dude having hits. Veto is one of the most creative artist in the city and he brings BIG POWER to the Marlboro County Hip-Hop culture. Follow Veto and make sure you guys keep up with his movement! @_vetovetoveto



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