[Album] jaH-Monte – Testing HER Creation(Food for Thought) — @KingCallis

With the death rate of black people at the hands of police brutality, and the influx of derogatory
stereotypes plaguing the black community at an all time high, rapper Jah-Monte (formerly known as King Callis) arrives back to the music scene offering encouragement and empowerment to the community and beyond.
Testing Her Creation (Food For Thought 2) by Jah-Monte, is the second project set to release arriving 2 1/2 years after his first project “Brunch”. You can find interviews with the artist speaking on being both disappointed and frustrated about his first project not being as successful as he initially expected. He states that during his time off, the cases of police brutality in the black community- specifically Sandra Bland and Korryn Gaines- touched him and inspired him to create something dedicated to celebrating black women & enlighten the black community in general.
Testing Her Creation is heavily reminiscent of classic late 90’s & early 2000’s Hip Hop & R&B. With the help of producer Ki of NC, the cadence of Jah-Monte’s rhythmic yet confident rapping style makes the cool and occasionally heavy subject matter of the songs easy to digest. The melodically catchy hooks and chorus on each song make an imprint on your mind, making each song so unforgettable that you can’t help but sing along.
This project is something everyone should have in rotation not just this month, but every day of the year!

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