[EP] Venny Gorgeous – The Color of Blood — @vennygorgeous

Venny Gorgeous is a South-Eastside Cleveland Native, Who Hails From The Mt. Pleasant-Union Area(113th&Union Ave). Affiliated With The Streets On An Intimate Level, It Reflects In His Music. From Losing Friends To Violence Or Incarceration, Being Involved In Illicit Affairs or Just Generally “Kickin’ It” In The Hood, Venny Gorgeous Depicts Himself And His City In The Best Way Possible, With The Truth.

Often Times Braggadocios And Narcissistic, He Levels That Out With Deep Reflections Of Himself And Realistic Views Of Life As He Has Lived It. Witty Banter, Story Telling Flows, Bars & Lyricism Makes Him A More Than Well Rounded Artist. Motivated By His Daughter, Money, Love & His Desire To Change Everything Around Him, Venny Delivers With Emotion Every Time As If He Is The Voice Of His City.

The Future Of Cleveland Is Looking Bright.


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